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Playing with a New Look


The idea is to have at least three sections every night. And start doing a little focus on my own books at times. But tonight just playing with the look. So pardon me that this is my blog tonight for my daily blog challenge…


Topic of the night will be here… 

It will come first and I have a bunch of topics I will be getting to, including more of the “… you might be a myth believer.”

Also I want to finish up the Copyright Valuation series, talk a lot more about AI, and at times answer questions here I get from other writers. In topic of the night I will also talk about nifty craft stuff I am learning and trips I take such as next week to Writers of the Future.


Something about my own books or Smith’s Monthly

It is clear those headers are from different book covers of mine.  The header above is from MORNING SONG: A Seeders Universe Novel.  You can see and buy the entire Seeders Universe Series on WMG Publishing Bookstore.

We are going to be doing a ton on the new WMG Publishing Bookstore. Take a look at it at

We will even have fun merchandise at times and licensing products.


Kickstarter or Bundle or Workshop stuff here… Got nifty headers for each…

I have CASE CARD: A Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter going, and working on a special Stretch Goal to get to 125 backers by Sunday night to get all backers another extra book and another extra workshop.

We got to 108 backers today and I think the 125 backers is very possible by Sunday night, so help us pass the word.

Or become a backer and get some great mystery reading.


So that is the start of the new look. I kind of like it, but I would. (grin)


  • Harvey Stanbrouigh

    Good idea, Dean. I’ve done something similar for some time over on the Journal at but without the graphic headers. Bold text works as well and is less labor intensive. But having headers of any kind is a good idea, IMHO.