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And Thanks For the Feedback…

I will give the new look a bunch more thought and maybe test something else down the road. But tonight I wanted to remind you of the Special Stretch Goal.

If the campaign can reach 125 backers on CASE CARD KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN by Sunday Midnight, April 23rd, we will add in a special stretch goal. (We are at 116 backers as I type this on Friday night, so only nine more backers to go.)
If the campaign reaches 125 backers by Sunday Midnight, April 23rd, every backer of any reward at $5 and up will get a free ebook copy of my mystery collection THE CASE OF PILGRIM HUGH: Five Strange Detective Stories.
For the writers, if we hit this extra goal, they get the third class in a new class series HOW TO WRITE THE PERFECT CRIME THROUGH THE AGES. The Year: 1800. This is a $150 value and will be sold on Teachable after it is sent to all backers.
And yes, Everything backers will get it on Teachable, plus the classes that don’t get given away on the Kickstarter. It is the Special Classes that will not be for sale. Those are MURDER MOST COLD and MURDER MOST MODERN. Don’t miss those. They may be two of the best Special Workshops we have done through Kickstarters so far.)
So please help pass the word! I think getting to 125 backers is very possible by Sunday night. And we just passed a regular stretch goal as well. And now are working on the next regular stretch goal as well and halfway there. Lots of extra stuff.