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Pictures of Fun Box of Books

Photo of 48 Novels Not Easy to Take…

Spread them on a work table Kris and I have outside our offices and then stood on a couch to take the photo. Kris came out and said, “That’s impressive.”

I asked “What? The 48 novels or me standing on the couch?”

She said “Both.”

So some pictures of the 48 novels I got yesterday in one big box. All under my name, no pen names. Something I just realized this morning. Very unusual for me as well.

The novel that you can’t see because of the light at the top is LAYING THE MUSIC TO REST, my first novel published in 1988 and reprinted in Smith’s Monthly and done in book form as well. I have them in series. The four at the bottom are Ghost of a Chance novels, spin-offs of my Poker Boy world.  You can’t see on the left the first novel in the Seeder’s Universe Series.

Better image of the top misc books, including the two Mary Jo Assassin novels.

I have to admit, this is fun. Guess I’ll go write more.




    • E. R. Paskey

      Wow, that is an amazing picture, for multiple reasons!!! For one thing, there are 48 books with your name on them. For another, this is a fantastic example of author and series branding.

      I want a table full of books with my name on them like this. *grin* Thanks for all you and Kris do to teach writers about craft, business, and how to get out of the myths that hold us back.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Aside from your awesome productivity, I am feasting my eyes on your branding. I love the way it’s obvious it’s YOUR book, the series or the world are indicated (do you do that as part of the main title, a subtitle, or as a series? Hard to do with shared world books that are not in a particular numbered order.) And then you have the whole genre – series – layout – color – fonts strategy in play.
    Very instructive, thank you!

  • Desikan

    Wow wow..

    A fascinating sight for anyone who walks into your ‘magic bakery’. Eye catching.
    A variety of pies to feast on. Will keep checking this image regularly to remind what is possible.

    Keep it going.