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Fun Box of Books

A Very Heavy Box Arrived Today…

Turns out it was 47 of my novels. Not copies the same book, but 47 different novels. One copy of each.

Not at all sure which books I am missing still. I will have to go back through and compare them to Smith’s Monthly, which has 52 books out at the moment that were in there. (Actually 53.) I know I don’t have the two of the last three. But still missing a few besides those.

But still a really fun sight.

Very large piles of COLD POKER GANG NOVELS with the new covers and branding. Very nifty.

Another bigger pile of THUNDER MOUNTAIN SERIES NOVELS, a few of them still with the early covers.

Then a third large pile of SEEDERS UNIVERSE NOVELS.

A pile of four books that are GHOST OF A CHANCE NOVELS.

A pile of two books that are MARY JO ASSASSIN NOVELS.

Then nine or ten novels that are stand-alone. The BALL OF CONFUSION novel coming soon will make another two-book series.

The reason these all came at once was because over the years WMG had some tight times and I didn’t want them to spend the money to send me a copy of my books. Then it got behind and when the money eased years ago, I just never got around to changing that policy. So of the 53 novels in Smith’s Monthly, I had copies of the magazine, but less than ten of the stand-alone books, and they were all old editions.

That’s why this was so cool today.

And I honestly have no idea how I wrote that many novels for Smith’s Monthly. Just sort of surprised me how they add up, especially when they are sitting in big piles on the table.

Oh, wait, I remember that in one issue of Smith’s Monthly I did a Poker Boy novella as the lead story. No copy of that in trade that I know of. And don’t have a copy of the Marble Grant novel from #50 yet. Got #51 novel, but not #50. Now to figure out where the other two went. (grin)

Ain’t it strange when you lose novels? The fun of being prolific.


  • Vincent Zandri

    Congrats Dean. Another demonstration of the power of PULP speed and talent. You inspired me to put out, on average, a short story, novelette, or novella per week this past summer. That’s aside from the 5 (I think), full-length novels I’ve written this year, thus far. This doesn’t include personal blogging or freelance writing/ghostwriting (Like Harlan used to say, I don’t take a piss without getting paid). My goal from the outset this year was to have at least 100 IPs in my store, and I think I’ll hit that easily (I sense some tradtional pubs/editors heads exploding right about now).

    All this said, I’ve actually had to create a kind of digital “white board” of writing projects and their various stages, from “WIP,” to “In with Bridgette (my editor on retainer),” to “Published.” Or else, I literally forget about some of them. Or it could be the lasting effects of Covid Fog. LOL.

    In any case, it’s all a lot of fun. I try and take Sundays off whether I like it or not, but much like a fly-fishing guide, what do I usually do on my day’s off? I write.

    • Vincent Zandri

      Hi Kieth, I dont really know how to screen shot so here’s a partial cut and paste:

      2021: New stories, novelettes, novels, Box sets, Reprints
      1. I Am God: Published
      2. Moonlight Mafia: Published
      3. Moonlight Detour: Published
      4. I Killed a Man in Cold Blood: WIP
      5. Autonomous: Published
      6. Delusional: Published
      7. The Girl in the Window: In with Bridge
      8. I locked my child in the car

      1. The Devil Won’t Have You: Vella: Edited
      2. Handyman, Season 3, Episode 2: Published
      3. Handyman, Season 3, Episode 3: WIP
      4. Desperate Measures: Published

      1. The Slender Man, Marconi: In Progress
      2. The Damned, Marconi: Needs edit
      3. The Plumber, Steve Jobz: Needs edit
      4. Young Chase Baker and the Well of the Souls: Needs edit
      5. The Extractors: Needs to Go to Bridge
      6. American Crimes: Needs to go to Bridge
      7. Paradox Lake (Oceanview): Published