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One More Day

Decided to Rest One More Day…

Don’t worry, not sick or anything, just trying to take some time away from my normal 14 hour days of going all the time. Kind of had a hunch I needed to do that when I started falling asleep every time I sat down.

But still today I ended up recorded a bunch of videos for the Short Story Study Along and answered a bunch of email and even read a few short stories. And got most of my steps in as well. So a slow day for me that would be a very busy day for many others. Still, I feel rested.

So now I need to remind you of the new Kickstarter we have going for story bundles. And yesterday I reminded you of the special Creative Nonfiction workshop that you can only get in the Kickstarter. And this one is a short campaign as well, so don’t miss these. We are planning on getting these books out to everyone as quickly as we can when this ends so you all have something to study while still confined at home.

A New Kickstarter Campaign!!

To help writers continue to study during this time of being sheltered in place, Kris and I, on the suggestion Allyson at WMG Publishing, are putting almost all of our writing books into five bundles by topic.

And then on this Kickstarter Campaign, offering the bundles for half price or less than the books would have been individually.

17 different writing books in five bundles.

Bundle on Craft

Bundle on Productivity

Bundle on Industry

Bundle on Marketing

Bundle on Business

There are also some amazing deals on workshops and lectures as well.

Check this out at Writing Bundles

Kris and I hope these help. Stay safe out there.

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  • Kate Pavelle

    I’ve been taking a break too. No writing till Monday, trying to stay off social media. I’ve been watching inspirational YouTube videos instead and getting back into exercising, and playing with BookBrush on making ads and book covers.
    And wouldn’t you know it, I have a book between my ears. It’s perverse. Now that I “made a rule” and it’s “no writing till Monday,” I can’t wait for the four days to roll around!
    The BookBrush is a lot of fun though. They have so many tools now!