One More Day of Filler

Should Have Expected a Tired Day…

…after spending over ten hours yesterday hauling and moving truck-loads of stuff. But I thought I would be back to speed today. Nope. Almost, but nope.

Still got a lot done, though. At one point today there were six WMG Employees in the new store putting things together. And we still had two of our stores open and someone still in the publishing office.

Great fun. Josh got a great picture of me up on a ladder with Dan, the manager of the bookstore holding my belt to make sure I didn’t go over backwards since the ground was soft under the ladder.

Below is a picture of the sign outside of our fourth store. It is larger than it looks. Took a pick-up to haul it from the publishing offices out to the store.

So tomorrow and Saturday, here is what I plan on getting done.

First… Going through all the email and getting responses to everyone. No panic if it has been a day or so and when I was in Vegas I promised to do some things for folks and will get that done.

Second… I will finally get the July through October workshop schedule posted. Yes, two new workshops will be posted.

Third… I will send out the hotel discount codes for the Master Class and Anthology workshops.

Finally, this move is getting closer to being done.

Kris and I walked through (on FaceTime) what needs to be done still here in the house and we worked out a plan that won’t kill me. So all good there. Going to feel good in the next few days to get back to some sort of normal.

So sorry everyone for being delayed on some workshop responses. This has been a very odd situation.



  • Ashley R Pollard

    Filler time is like Mueller Time, except IIRC you don’t drink. Well, in that case time for a Coke.*

    *Other beverages are available, and the use of Coke should not be taken as an endorsement of one manufacturers soft drink.

    • dwsmith

      I used to drink. Nature of the business with 17 years of tending bar. But after a dozen or so New Year’s Eves tending bar, you realize how really silly drinking is. But I have one or two drinks a year. Got too many other things to do with my brain than muddle it. It gets muddled enough on its own. (grin)

  • Harvey

    I was impressed that even in the midst of all this busy-ness you took the extra time to encourage me with a second email after you’d already answered my question in your first. You’re a good man, Dean. Thanks.

    • dwsmith

      Same small group of stores as out bookstore and the original Pop Culture Collectables. A place called Street Car Village.