Filler Time…

I Stopped Moving…

Not done with the move (will finish the rest in late July), but I stopped moving after four twenty-foot-truck-loads today and another car full around 7 p.m. Started at 9 a.m.

That is a stupid amount of physical work for a 67 year-old overweight guy. Thankfully I also had two great young guys I had hired, but still kept up with them as I have a want to do.

And thanks Matt for bringing me a late lunch. Very much appreciated. Great to have good friends.

After all that I spent the night watching television, something I almost never do. Then could barely climb out of the chair from soreness.

So this post is a filler to continue the stupidity of blogging for every day since early August 2012. A streak that somehow I have not missed, even though typing anything tonight is not high on my to-do list. The power of a streak.

So I will answer email and be back on track tomorrow (Thursday).


    • dwsmith

      Oh, only one load went to Vegas. The other loads are going up to our warehouse at WMG or the two bedroom trailer behind our new 4th store. So out of the six truck loads of books and stuff that have left the house, one has gone to Vegas. The other five have scattered stuff all over the coast. (grin) One more to go. I am living in a mostly empty 9 bedroom home right now. (grin)

  • D J Mills

    A streak running every day since August, 2012! Wow!
    It feels like I have been following you from well before August 2012. And I only manage one or two blog posts a month.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, I was writing blogs before 2012, starting off on an old Star Trek board. Just haven’t missed a day so far since August 1st, 2012. That is a streak.

      If I make it to the first of August, I’ll figure out the streak number.