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Just Some Quick Misc Stuff Tonight…

— Kris’s Fey novella is really, really good. All of us have been waiting over 20 some years for Kris to go back to the Fey. And now there is a promise of another novel or two or three. But last night I got to read a Fey novella, and all I can say was it is great. And Fey. I want to thank everyone who supported the Fey Kickstarter to give her a boost back. It worked and I will be updating everyone next week there.

— Update on Master Business Class. I will email the entire class when the next eight or so classes are posted. Nothing new posted yet so no need to look.

— Also I will post here when the six new collection classes are posted for 2022. And also the first six will be available at different times all through 2022, so if you bought the “Get All Six” bundle, you have all year to take the ones you missed if you want. There will also be a “Get All Six New Ones” bundle as well. Stay tuned. The new six collection classes are Pets, Spies, Space Opera, Thieves, Dynasty, and Time Travel. Great topics and themes for collections.

— Kris and Allyson are stumping for an end-of-the-year workshop sale. Any opinions?

— February workshops will be posted next week. It will include the Pulp Speed workshop I talked about last month. Of course, it will also be available for months after February as well, but it will start in February.

— I am still doing my challenge and next week I will be setting up and doing a few practice stories to get things moving again.

— And please do remember that the Holiday Collections Bundle is still available with 11 different authors and over 70 holiday short stories. Can’t beat the price.




  • E. R. Paskey

    *raises hand* I would be interested in an end-of-the-year sale. That would be lovely, actually. I’ve set aside birthday money and will be adding upcoming Christmas money to it to go towards continued learning in 2022. I would really love to sign up for Motivational Monday.

    In regards to the Fey, I’m so glad the Kickstarter was able to help Kris jumpstart things again. The fact that this novella spawned other books in the process really intrigues me–I have a current project that is doing the same thing and trying to keep it all straight is proving interesting. (Side note, I always enjoy her process blog posts.)

    I’m also looking forward to Kris’s “Lessons From the Writing of the Fey.” That ought to be a fascinating read.

  • Mark A. Kuhn

    An end of year workshop sale would be great. I’m slowly getting back to writing again after being away since April.

  • Elise Stone

    Add my vote for another workshop sale. It’s felt so good to get back into craft classes since I bought a few during the last sale, I’ve already got a list of other classes I want to take this year.