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Number One Continues…

Twenty-four Hours Later From Last Night’s Post…

For the last 40 plus hours, my novel Kill Game: A Cold Poker Gang Novel has been #1 in the free books on Amazon, as well as a bunch of sub-categories for mystery.

Normally a book with a Bookbub promotion like this hits near the top or the top for a few hours and then fades off. Lots of books have churned under my book in the last almost two days, but none have knocked me off the top spot yet. It will happen shortly, when the Bookbub promotions hit on Monday morning.

But what a fun run. And yes, the free part of it is working wonderfully and the halo over the rest of the series and my other series is making us some great money.

Thank you folks who have already read the book for the kind letters. I really appreciate them.

And this is the first time in the history of this blog I have ever talked about a promotion on any of my books outside of one of my books being in a bundle. Guess it was a good one to start with. (grin)

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    I am enjoying it! Picked the book up for free, then bought the audio-book and now am lining up the rest of the series to acquire. You are indeed a writing machine!