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Workshops Not Ending… Only the Sales

Thank you for the kind words, everyone…

But a lot of you are making it sound as if the workshops are going away. Nope, just the sales, and I do understand that will limit a number of you going forward. Just nothing we can do if we want to get these out to as many writers as possible who might need them.

So here is what is happening that we have planned now for the workshops that I can talk about or announce…

First, we will keep doing new regular workshops. The six that are there for November are the core. Other new ones will be added in and then moved to classic after two or three months. They will all be added into the Lifetime Workshop Subscriptions. We did five new ones in 2022.

There will be six new collection classes added in 2023, with all 18 collection classes available to take. These are nine-weeks long and will be added in December.

There will be new Pop-Ups all year long. I am recording four of them now from the Pulphouse Kickstarter. All will be added to the Lifetime Pop-Up Subscription.

There will be six advanced nine-week workshops starting in January, one new one every two months. They are not part of the Lifetime Workshop Subscriptions. We will finalize the list in late November.

We are in the process of organizing all the workshops, lectures, pop-ups, and so on. It will be clear, with links to each class and easy to access, unlike what Teachable gives us now.

Study Along classes with continue with the add-on novella classes after each one all through next year. They will or have been added to the Lifetime Study Along class.

And some other nifty but logical changes. Workshops are just transitioning out of the Covid years and into something that can help any writer who needs it.

So onward.

And with that said, only two days left for the last sale for WMG Teachable classes. We started the sales 2.5 years ago in the depth of the pandemic and are ending them this week.

Last day is Sunday, October 30th. The code to get 50% off is:


Just find the class you want, hit purchase and on the next page put in the code and get the class or workshop or whatever for 50% off.

Remember, challenges and Lifetime Subscriptions are also 50% off for two more days.