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November and December Regular Workshops

Only Six Regular Workshops Per Month…

As I said, a lot of workshops are headed to Classic Status in the first of November, and with teaching the How to Write a Pulphouse Story and How to Write a Holiday Story workshops in the next two months, we decided to not add in any more new regular workshops in the next two months. But there will be new regular workshops after the first of the year.

And you can still sign up on the How to Write a Holiday Story for seven more days on Kickstarter through the WMG Holiday Spectacular. That is the only place that workshop is offered.

It is a three week workshop and you get to write a holiday story at the end of it. You can take it the first three weeks of December or the first three weeks of January. Your choice.

Check it out here.

One note on the Shared World Class.  First introduction videos are up. You can still sign up on that and on the Licensing Transition. But both will close down in a week or two.

Check those out on Teachable.


November workshops will be shortly. Here is the two month schedule.

Class #43… Nov 5th … Writing into the Dark
Class #44… Nov 5th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #46… Nov 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #47… Nov 6th …Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #49… Nov 6th … Emotion
Class #50… Nov 6th … Advanced Depth

Class #51… Dec 3rd … Endings
Class #52… Dec 3rd … Attitude
Class #54… Dec 3rd … Speed
Class #55… Dec 3rd … Teams in Fiction
Class #56… Dec 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #59… Dec 4th… Information Flow

New Year’s schedule will be posted in November and it will include new workshops. Stay tuned.



  • Erik K

    Does that mean you have enough people signed up for the Shared World to guarantee that it’ll run?

    Just asking so I know whether or not I can fully commit to my excitement. ^_^

    • dwsmith

      Yes, it is running with the first videos up. A go. Still room to sign up, but more than enough already signed up to make it fun.

  • J A Bouma

    Dean—Seriously contemplating the Shared World course, but I went to register and PayPal is no longer an option. Is there a reason for this? Is it a mistake on your end or do you no longer support it? Because the 6 month financing is something that would be important for joining, and I’ve used it in the past for your courses. Hope it’s something you can turn back on…

    • dwsmith

      JA, it’s working fine. In fact, just had someone sign up through Paypal. So something on your side. I just checked on Teachable and it is still there and working fine. If you want to sign up through Paypal outside of Teachable, just write me and I can do it through one of our accounts and send you a code.

      • J A Bouma

        Thanks for the quick reply! And that’s super odd, because I’ve checked on 4 different devices now, using 3 different web browsers—and only CC is available. So…I’m at a loss. I’m not even logged into my account when I enroll and I see no PayPal options. Wonder if something just happened to your site? Because I repeated the process on someone else’s site and PayPal option was available. FYI.

        For me, with PayPal credit I can get 6 months interest free financing. Not sure if I can get that with your accounts, but I’ll email you at the Gmail account and see. I also sent a message to Teachable via Twitter to find a solution. Just hope for your sake it is a single issue (i.e. me) and not something system-wide for you that just happened.