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Misc. Stuff To Talk About and Pictures

Paypal Off on Some Workshops…

Teachable is working on the problem, so if you would like to pay for a workshop through Paypal and the Paypal option does not appear, just go directly to Paypal and then send the payment to the following email address:

Then write me and let me know which workshop you sent the money for and I will send you a code to get into it.

You can do exactly the same thing if you want to support the WMG Holiday Spectacular, but don’t want to go through Kickstarter. It will count and you will get all the stretch rewards and everything.


Speaking of the WMG Holiday Spectacular, we hit the first stretch goal with over a week to go. Lots and lots of great stuff, including discounts on workshops and stuff. And you get 35 original holiday stories delivered to your every day for 35 days during the holidays. How cool is that??


And tonight Kris and I went and ran a 5k in the dark, in the desert around the Springs Preserve, which was way fun and the decorations and costumes were cool. It was a little too warm, so I didn’t go out for a fast time, but still had fun.

Here is a picture of me and an old friend and one of Kris with what was left of a very large witch.

(And yes, we had lanterns on our heads to run in the dark.)



    • dwsmith

      Yup, we bought them for when the power went off up on the coast so we could read, and I just brought them along when we moved. Who knew we would need them for running a 5k. (grin)

      • Nathan Haines

        Mine were for camping, although also occasionally useful for computer repair! And yes, I think they did come in handy for one power outage.

        The nice feature while camping is the red light, which preserves your night vision. But the narrow and wide beams (or both!) are handy, too! I haven’t changed the batteries in years, since they’re LEDs (but if I’m hiking, I always carry spares–better safe than sorry!).