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Not A Run For Me

I Took It Easy…

This morning was a true fun run. No timing, the course was less than 5K and no one cared. It was for a great cause.

And I am still slowly nursing along a sore hip. Getting better, doing stretches, but I decided to go another week or so without a push.

This week I will be at the gym doing stretches and getting some milage, building back up my milage as the weight slowly drops. And haven’t missed being over 10,000 steps a day for two weeks now. Nice streak started there.

And in two weeks we have a double run. Same run, actually, but 5 or 10K in the morning, 5 or 10K in the evening. Same course, same day. Great fun or great stupidity, one or the other. (grin) If the hip is better, I might go for the 10 and 10. We shall see.

So I want to build up for that.

So this morning it was just a fun run with about seven other writers. Steph and Val and Kris, of course, from here. And four from the workshop that is going on here that Kris is teaching. The course was two laps around this lake. I ran/walked one, than sat and waited for everyone to come around again.

I had fun, and took naps this afternoon, as planned.

And the worse thing about it all? Sunny and 66 degrees. In January.

Damn I hate living here (he lied).