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Up Early

Two Days In A Row…

I’ve spent almost all the evening tonight working on a project that will be announced early next week. A really, really fun one.

And this morning I got up early for me and walked Kris to the workshop, then sat in the buffet and wrote and did more organizing for a few hours while not eating much.

Tomorrow morning off to do a fun run. Not up super early, but still early enough that I will get under six hours for the second day in a row.

Naps after the run will be in order.

Yesterday I recorded a video about my writing for the Great Novel Challenge. Going to do an update there every week, at least once, on how my personal writing is going. Even if you were signed up on the novel challenge and missed, you can still stop by there every week if curious.

And I recorded another short video on the Publishing Challenge on how my publishing is going. Remember, I am going to try to triple the challenge this year. 36 books in twelve months. One is already out. A long ways to go. But if I get close, a total win.