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Workshops Starting…

Today Last Day To Join Challenges…

A bunch of workshops started today that seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle of the challenges. And a couple will start next Tuesday. Shopify Part Two and the Kickstarter Special Workshop will start next week. Those in the Kickstarter special class, expect a letter from me this weekend.

The January Regular Workshops just started today.

  • #4… Jan 2nd… Writing into the Dark
  • #5… Jan 2nd… Teams in Fiction
  • #6…Jan 3rd… Writing with Depth (start with this one)
  • #8…Jan 3rd… Killing the Critical Voice
  • #10…Jan 3rd… Advanced Depth

The two nine-week Advanced Craft classes just started.

  • Advanced Dialog
  • Advanced Pacing

The two 52 week classes started as well.

  • Creative Survival
  • Motivational Monday

Both of those can be signed up for at any point since they are ongoing all year.

In February we will start the first of a bunch of regular workshops, and the 9-week Collection classes will start back up in February.

And coming up shortly we have a brand new second session of SHARED WORLDS, with a ton more information and a new shared world. And yes, for those of you who took the first session of Shared World, we will have new Cave Creek anthologies opening up to write for. Stay tuned for that.

Lots of time to get into the workshops that have just started without problem. For more information on classes, go to WMG Teachable and hit see all classes.

Or ask me here.

Last day for the 2024 challenges. (Response on last year’s challenges coming in a day or so.)