News On Kip

The core, the person at the center of where we hold coast workshops, has been in a  rough health fight this last week or so and they just announced it and since so many of you know Kip, I wanted to put it here.

No worries, Anthology workshop is going on as planned at the Anchor.

Keep our thoughts positive on this. I have known Kip for over 45 years. He never backs down from a fight and he won’t this time.

Here is the official press release…


Kip Ward often speaks about what an honor it is to serve the citizens of Lincoln City on the City Council. It’s only because of the duty he feels he owes to the community that we’re going to share something we normally wouldn’t. Recently, like many of our friends and neighbors, Kip’s been fighting a bad case of the flu. In treating his illness, we realized over a week ago that those symptoms masked something more sinister – something that many of our friends and neighbors have also wrestled with, and that they continue to fight: Cancer.

Kip has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He’s receiving the best of care at OHSU and has been surrounded by his family, who have supported him in this fight from the outset.

Kip looks forward to getting back to Lincoln City soon and rejoining the City Council and staff in the great strides our city is making. There are important infrastructure and process improvements underway throughout Lincoln City and he intends to continue to support this progress forward as we look to the future. While his medical team is discouraging visitors and gifts, if you’d like to reach out, we’re sure he’d love to hear from you.
Kip’s family has set up a voicemail line you can use to leave messages. It’s 541-283-6498. Or, if you’d like to write, you can reach Kip at:

The Historic Anchor Inn
PO Box 552
Lincoln City, OR 97367

If you feel compelled to give flowers or send something (and you needn’t feel compelled) please channel that love into a gift to one of Kip’s favorite charities: the Beach Bark Fund. As many of you know, the Beach Bark Fund provides immediate support to fund veterinary care for stray animals and for pets whose owners cannot afford critical treatment. Watch for details on how and where you can contribute (likely through the Beach Bark Facebook page).

Or, on behalf of everyone fighting leukemia in Lincoln City and beyond, consider adding your name to the database of potential marrow donors

Kip Ward has never been one to shy away from a fight, and this time is no different. Thanks.



  • Kate Pavelle

    Thank you for sharing, Dean. Cancer sucks rocks. On the down side, yet another close family member came down with it. On the up side, the one leukemia autie I have is in remission, and she’s about Kip’s age. I’ll make sure to drop a line.

  • Jason M

    My father suvived AML exactly ten years ago. Wishing for the best — it’s a bit of a crapshoot, unfortunately.