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Now That’s a Stunner

We Made Our Kickstarter Goal…

In less than two days.

I was hoping, of course, that we would make it and maybe a little ways farther to really get the remodeling started and done and get the system to get indie writer’s books into the store. Now we are working on the “ways farther” stuff.

So far backers have supported library and school systems around the country, bought boxes and bags of books, and signed up to get credits for lectures and online workshops. And there is no limit on any of the rewards.

At WMG Publishing and North By Northwest Books, even if we have to contact and send books to a hundred or more schools and libraries, we can do it. Might take us a few months to fulfill everything, but we can do it. And we would love it!! So make us work to get those books to libraries and kids.

One thing about this is that we also have a massive warehouse full of books that are not in the store. Even selling as fast as we are on three eBay stores, plus Amazon and Abe and in two brick-and-mortar stores, we will never get through the books we have, at least not in my lifetime. So sending a whole bunch of books to libraries and schools is not going to be a problem.

Here is the nifty logo we are going to put on the book bags. And maybe mugs and tee-shirts and such down the road. And everyone will get some bookmarks, of course. (grin)

So I want to thank those of you who have supported North by Northwest Books in the first two days. I hope many of you will join in so we can get the different rooms in the store fixed and opened up so we have even more room for indie author books.

Watch the nifty video (we sort of poke fun at some publishing myths) at the North by Northwest Kickstarter and help us jump this forward.