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Moving My Internet and Writing Office

Down to Our Business Office…

Yes, we have a condo on the top floor and we have a second office condo on the main floor that we use for a bunch of stuff, and maybe even live workshops when this craziness lifts a little more. (That was the plan for it when we got it two months ahead of the pandemic. Timing.) But I am also moving my writing and internet office down there tomorrow. (Actually started the process today.)

Main reason is that it will give me a better chance, less distracted chance, to write more novels back at my old speed.

And it will also help me control my time spent on screens. That is critical when I only have one eye.

I did what I tell others to do and tracked my time and where I was using it and wow was I spending too much time on things other than email and writing and reading stories. So this move will control that a great deal. It’s a ten minute walk from our condo to our office condo in the same building. (big building)

In fact, I think I can finally get back on my writing pace completely. So fun and I am excited.

And this allows Kris to expand her office into what was this office and that way she can write bigger projects like THE FEY and SMOKEY DALTON and more DIVING.  She really spreads out when writing, covers tables and desks and none of it can be touched while she is working. So getting me out of here will allow here to write more as well.

In other words, a win/win situation.

Should take about three hours tomorrow. Just not that much to move.

After the last three years, moves aren’t fun, but they don’t much bother me anymore. And the other side of the move will be heaven.


  • Brenden Shouse

    My family has been in the process of moving while simultaneously trying to rehab the house… Absolute nightmare.

    Are you okay, Dean? You are down to only one eye?? I hope it’s not serious.

    • dwsmith

      Brenden, had a stroke about ten years ago now and lost an eye. So I protect my other eye from strain as much as possible.

  • Britt Malka

    Good luck with the movement, Dean. I hope it will give you more undisturbed writing time.

    On top of that, I wonder if you’re coming up with deadlines for yourself? Other than the public writing challenges.