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Getting Back to Writing…

After so much time away because of the eye injury, I am getting uneasy each day if I don’t get back to my writing computer. That is pushing me a lot, remembering the fun of just sitting down and making up a story for myself.

And I am pretty much out of the focus on the words because of the injury. Got the computer and screen set so I can just let go again and write stories. Yay.

But I also noticed that the challenge is making me more conscious of getting there as well. I still have to be careful to watch my computer time because of my eye, so yesterday I didn’t make it back there at all. But was careful today, so finishing this blog around midnight and heading for the writing chair. Got a few hours at least.

Then one more thing that motivates me. Art.

I am a solid distance into this new Cold Poker Gang novel called CASE CARD and I have no idea where it is going, but I know I will finish it.

So I told Allyson that, and that there is a speakeasy in the early part, and she mocked me up a perfect cover.

That gets me even more excited than I already am. So if the eye is willing, I will finish this in the next week. Take a look. Nifty cover, huh? Motivational. At least for me.



  • Catherine

    Ohhh, absolutely agree about the art! Great cover!

    I personally have a folder of licensed art (didn’t cost much) that would make great books. Just looking at the pictures gives so many ideas. Beginning writers are ‘I don’t know what to write about’, but it doesn’t take long in the game to realize there is not enough time to write all the ideas you’ll eventually have, especially with great art to add more.

  • Kate Pavelle

    That’s good news, Dean! On my end, this is a really hard challege and it’s exactly what I need. When I whined to Scott, he reminded me that the process is exactly about setting up my week to help me be consistent and “keep working hours.”
    More than that, it’s about ditching non-essential activities and distractions. I get into stupid, crafty projects (“It was a good idea at the time…”) and they are fun, but they don’t add words.
    I like my stories and I like telling them. I’ve been using the Dictate feature in the new Word because I sprained my wrist and found that even speaking slowly and cycling through, my production is higher and more consistent because I can do it standing up.
    CAVEAT: 1. it works only while online, and 2. the stupid program censors out all curse words and replaces them with asterisks.
    Oy vey!
    But the words are happening.

    • dwsmith

      The key is having fun and producing words and thus stories. Doesn’t matter how if it leaves your natural voice alone and moves forward. So keep it fun.