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More Learning Than My Poor Brain Can Handle

Day Two of the Licensing Expo…

I managed tonight four more videos, long ones, up on the Learn Along Licensing on Teachable. Plus a couple of other things.

This Expo, as Kris and I had thought it might be, is a major business changer for us. Kris had warned me since she went there for a few hours last year that this would be major, and she was right.

One thing is clear. Publishing is a tiny and really sad little part of licensing at the moment. And really screwed up. Especially traditional publishers. As Kris said at one point, agents are agents. But at least in this world they are audited a bunch and regularly. Still not getting near any. No reason to.

If you have sold books to traditional publishers, you are even more screwed than we thought. No traditional publishers here at all except for one agent from a publisher pushing four children’s books.

One thing is for certain, Indie Publishing and all the small publishers have a real chance on making billions, and I do mean billions, if they get their acts together, their brands, and understand what they are doing.  There were six of us Indie Publishers who invaded this with a slant toward books and publishing and branding. I know just today I trained a number of licensors on parts of what publishers are looking for.

And a couple of us woke up a couple of major licensees on the value of the book side of getting brands and licenses. Amazing second day.

I had some fantastic meetings again today with all sorts of licensees and licensors. I will be talking about a lot of this learning on the Learn Along over the next month and by the time the Master Business Class comes around in October we will really have a lot of this together to really help those attending there. You want to know this world, attend the Master Business Class.

So a fun day full of notebooks full of information and learning. And on the way out I ran into one of the funnier things I saw all day. Here is a picture of someone thinking a dog in a unicorn car would help their cupcake license. It was cute, I must admit.

Or maybe I was just really, really tired.