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Expo Finished…

I Put Up Four More Videos and a Bunch of Pictures…

On the Licensing Learn Along on Teachable. I will do three or four more days of videos and stuff over this weekend in the Expo section, even though the Expo is over. Then I will go to the third section will have stuff for a month or so on the results, the long-term learning, and a ton more details.

Really worth jumping into that if you haven’t already, if not for anything but to do the Classic Magic Bakery basics workshop that I give away in that.

But the conference was just amazing. Mind altering, of that there was no doubt.

It was so refreshing to be at this Expo after all the years of attending publishing conferences and genre conferences.

And it was wonderful fun to have the eight other writer/publishers there to talk with every day and share what we had learned after after every day. What an amazing group. And six of the eight of us will be at the Master Business Class in October to share a bunch of this and help everyone there get started. That’s going to be a blast.

So back now for me to exercise, writing, and trying to digest all of this now.

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  • Catherine Mesick

    I’m glad you and Kris had a great time at the Expo. And I’m looking forward to doing the Learn Along. I just started the Classic Magic Bakery workshop, and I feel like a light bulb just went on. 🙂