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Me and The Cats Made It

26 Hours

I stopped and rested for a few hours in a hotel room around 5 in the morning, took a shower, then stopped every 45 minutes after that for the next six hours to rest and drink water and some caffeine. Left at 12:30 p.m. from Lincoln City and got in here to our condo in Las Vegas at 2:30. Had dinner in Boise with a friend along the way as well.

Cats never said a word. I had them in a massive dog carrier that took help from Josh at WMG to get into the van. They had pillows and a blanket and they didn’t make a sound the entire way.

Kris and I put the carrier on a cart and got them into a bathroom here in Vegas. They are going to be fine. While we were at dinner they explored and are now hiding under the bed.

I do not have a brain to do email, but will get to it all tomorrow. So patience with me please on that. Thanks.


  • Ashley R Pollard

    I think you deserve a medal for going above and beyond the call of duty. The cats deserve treats for being good kitties, and I do hope Kris and you have a better quality of life in Vegas. Looking forward to the tales of settling in.

    • dwsmith

      It’s great here in Vegas, but I’m flying back tomorrow to the coast. Got months of work there, plus I want to attend a memorial service for a friend, writer David Bischoff on Saturday. So I am going to be in both places a great deal, since we also have a place there and our businesses are on the coast as well.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Why did I envision you as the masculine incarnation of Freya, with your cats pulling your chariot toward warmer climes?
    Glad you made it okay. You’re hard-core!