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Headed Back To The Coast

Flying This Time…

Leaving Kris the van and two cats. Both cats seem to be getting used to the place.

I’m going to be getting ready to fire up on the short-story-a-day challenge starting on Sunday. That’s just part one of this coming challenge. Plus I have an entire house to pack and get cleared.

So starting Sunday these blogs will get longer as I talk about how to focus on a challenge and writing and production in the middle of a pretty intense life roll. Moving, they say, is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. So figure this short story per day for April will be a real challenge. (Grin)

April online workshops start on Tuesday and Wednesday. For those of you signed up through me, I’ll fire you information on Sunday.

As I type this, I am sitting at our kitchen counter and I can see from here out over downtown Las Vegas. Floor-to-ceiling windows behind me also look out to the East over the red rocks in the mountains. (We have a corner condo.) So I want to get back and settled in, but I first must clean out and sell a house looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

Yeah, this being a fiction writer is a tough life. (Grin)



  • D S Butler

    Best of luck with the move, Dean. I hope the new condo isn’t too close the Golden Nugget and the temptation to indulge in the bread pudding!

    • dwsmith

      Three block easy walk from the Golden Nugget. My characters in my Cold Poker Gang novels, at least the last four novels, have a similar walk. (Grin)

  • Kenny

    Your place sounds great, Dean, really makes me want to strive towards my dreams! (Though I doubt my wife would want to live in my ideal house (grin).)

  • Leah Cutter

    Not only is being a writer tough work, there’s no money in it, right? (^_^)

    My hat’s off to you with this challenge. I just moved. My goal had been a short story a week, which I completely missed. I still managed to get about 500 words per day in, and I take that as a huge win.

    Best of luck! And do let me know if you need any help.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Leah. At the moment there is so much to do, I wouldn’t even know what I need help with. (Grin) So I’m just going to chug along. House just going on the market, so I have time if I can managed for the first time in my life to pace myself.

  • Brian Meeks

    I love living on the strip.

    I live in the Veer looking North.

    You’re going to love it here.

    • dwsmith

      I have loved it here in Vegas since 1974 when I first tried to move here. I have spent half my life here it seems and right now we are downtown, also looking North and East. Downtown is just stunning from here. And we looked at the Veer. Nifty place.

  • Philip

    Taking the Depth Workshop this month has made writing as fun as it used to be when I first started at age 12. This makes me tempted to participate in your April Short Story Challenge myself. My first thought is there’s no way I could complete it because I’m not a pro writer, My next thought is shit maybe I should try just for that reason–push myself to the next level.

    • dwsmith

      Philip, being a professional writer has nothing at all to do with time spent telling stories. Not a thing.

      And consider this… You give it a shot, get twenty done. You will look back and see what you did was a total success because you did twenty short stories in one month. Called failing to success. So have fun.

  • Sean Monaghan

    Each trip to the US we try to get to Vegas. The lights, the buffets (!), the climate. Not interested in gambling, but it’s still great fun. We just love going out to Red Rock Canyon too. Feeling quite envious right now.