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A Filler Because I Am In A Car With Cats

That’s right, two cats…

I am writing this ahead and will post it from my iPad as I grab something to eat in the middle of the night somewhere along the way. I am taking two cats in a large dog carrier from the Oregon Coast to Las Vegas.

So wish me luck…

And this is yet again an example of the power of a streak with this blog. If I can post a blog while driving two cats non-stop for over twenty hours, anything is possible. (grin)


  • Céline Malgen

    Oh my, talk about the impossible! Writing one short story a day for a month is one thing, but driving across country with two cats is on a whole other level! Be safe…

  • Jes

    Good luck! I am not sure if that’s for you or your cats. My cats like classical music – so it’s what I play when driving them.
    Glad Kris will have her kitties soon.

  • Tony Herring

    Best of luck! Seriously, hoping everything goes great for you and your family. Thanks for what you do. -Tony

  • John Meaney

    My wife and I once moved two cats in a snowstorm – 8 hours of non-stop miaowing. (From the cats, not the humans. Or mostly not the humans.) So I hope your 20-hour epic is safe and quiet. Good luck!

  • Lana Ayers

    Hope your cats didn’t whine the whole time. My four cats wouldn’t shut up the entire trip from New Hampshire to Seattle. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they could have at least harmonized.

  • Philip

    I’m impressed you even got them into the carrier. I used to have a cat that put up quite the chase–followed by violent scratching–every time he had to go into the carrier for a trip to the vet.