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Maybe Changing Hotels for In-Person Workshops

We Are Working On It….

And wow, if we make this work will it be fantastic. Not going to give you the name of the hotel yet, but it is brand new major hotel for pretty close to the same price for rooms as the Golden Nugget. And it actually has a resort that the resort fees go to that you can use.

It is never crowded because it is so massive and no smoke smell or smokey areas at all.

It will not be downtown, but part of the Strip. It will be very quiet!!! Unlike the noise at the Golden Nugget.

It has more restaurants than the entire downtown area of all levels and types of restaurants just in the place, not counting a vegan ice cream shop. One food court alone has 22 different restaurants. Since all the workshops we are doing right now are writing workshops, not only will the rooms be great to write in, but the convention center itself is full of great places to camp, not counting all the restaurants. All modern and brand new!!!

It will cost WMG more money to move there, but should be the same general price for the writers. Plus free parking and a ton less travel needed. In fact, we want everyone to stay at the hotel for the workshops in the room block. We will have codes to get the workshop hotel price. It is just too difficult to travel to and from this one. It sort of sits all by itself. (If you live in Vegas we will not require you to stay in the hotel.)

I will announce this as soon as we have the contract signed, but you can trust me, it will be a thousand times better. Especially for writing.

If you want to see the entire list of the In-Person workshops, go to and then click on the In-Person box.

Many of these classes are filling fast. And remember, the fee is $750 until the end of the month (the same price we have charged now for over ten years), but going up to $1,000 after that.

Just write me if interested.

Kris and I are so excited about this possibility of doing the workshops there. So amazing. (It is one of the places I go to walk when things are too hot and it is a one mile to just loop the inside of the place, it is that big.

Stay tuned and if you are thinking about it, get signed up and pay the fee (which is refundable or transferable if you can’t make it for any reason.)

And remember, we still require full vaccinations and boosters to attend.