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The Buffet Challenge

Going To Be Fun and Take Time

A while back I talked about trying to visit every buffet in Las Vegas and start or write a short story in each one. And also talk about the buffet in articles and blogs and put all the stories and articles together in different books.

I said books (plural) for a reason. Wow, just wow are there a lot of buffets in Las Vegas. From high-end to just regular ones. I have started the research and just making a list of them seems overwhelming. Numbers of top-ten lists, but that mostly just focuses on the really high-end ones.

I got a new iPad for the writing and started today working to set it up. I was thinking about hitting the first buffet today, but not ready yet. So first one, first article, and everything, will be a week from Thursday. By then I should be ready for such a massive project to start.

Guessing that if I hit two per week, I won’t be done for years. My original title (which I still like) is THE FINAL BUFFET.

Fiction and buffet reviews and articles on writing the stories all mixed together. Just nuts, but does sound like fun if I don’t push it and hurt myself.

I’m thinking about including anything that calls itself a “buffet.” There are the casino buffets, the Chinatown buffets, the stand-alone buffets, and the chain buffets. I am going to start with just the casino buffets. That should take me most of the year. After that, I’ll see.

So just wanted to do an update on THE FINAL BUFFET books. Still coming and I should do a blog post on it twice a week starting in a week or so. And give the stories as I do them to my Patreon folks in thanks for the support of this blog.

And I will honestly give a decent review of the buffet so the entire thing could be used as (I hope) an entertaining guide book if someone was that hard up on finding a buffet in this ocean of buffets.

I may have to do a Kickstarter on this project at some point as well just to afford the costs, just because the prices of these things for lunches range from $30 up to $90. Not kidding. Don’t thinking writing or starting a short story in each one is going to pay for the entry fee. (grin)

Stay tuned. It’s going to happen.

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  • Philip

    Only been to Vegas once, but grew up going to Atlantic City every summer and hitting casino buffets. One thing a buffet book needs, in my opinion, is some sort of commentary on the art of the skimpy carving station guy! These guys are specifically trained to slice paper thin meat and give you a poker face stare to intimidate you into not asking for more than your .5 oz. of roast beef or turkey. LOL