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May Workshops Starting Up!

Four Collection Classes and Nine Regular Workshops…

All starting Tuesday and Wednesday.

The four collection classes are:

— Space Opera Collection Class (new)

— Portals Collection Class

— Private Eyes Collection Class

— Holiday Collection Class

These all run 9 weeks long, you write five stories along the way, do your own cover and sales copy and publish the story in the 9th week. Great fun.

Cost is $500 for the nine weeks and if you hit all nine assignments, you get a Pop-Up worth $150 of your choice.  Sign up on WMG Teachable.


Class #41… May 3rd … Covers 101
Class #42… May 3rd … Making a Living With Novels
Class #44… May 3rd … Writing into the Dark
Class #45… May 3rd … Writing Sales Copy
Class #46… May 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #47… May 4th … Writing Short Stories
Class #48… May 4th … Killing Critical Voice
Class #49… May 4th … Power Words
Class #50… May 4th … Advanced Depth

All of these are $300 each and last for six weeks. You have assignments every week for the first five weeks. Takes about three hours a week to do on your own and do the assignment. If you are just starting off, take the Depth in Writing workshop first.

Power Words adds to your ability with Depth by the way. Killing Critical Voice is to get you writing and finishing stories.

An amazing group of workshops this month. Sign up on WMG Teachable.

Or if you are a Lifetime Subscriber to the workshops, just write me and I’ll send you a code to get into the one you want.

(By the way, the second sessions of the Special Workshops from the last Kickstarter start as well.)

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  • Bethany Pratt

    I did the Depth workshop in February, and it had a gigantic impact on my writing. I feel like I leveled up. Really great stuff!