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Fun New Stuff…

Next Kickstarter Campaign Will Have 10 Stretch Goals…

They will have a new form of video event that will be amazing fun, a different one in each stretch reward. I will explain those as we get closer to firing up the campaign. Everyone at WMG is excited about them and no, they are not pop-ups. (Pop-Up stretch awards from the Seeders campaign should go out by Friday. I will announce it here and in an update.

But starting on Monday, as a form of inflation-busting help, we are starting something new on Teachable:


Basically a Bundle of Recommended Classes for that week.

Each bundle will have a Pop-Up class, a Classic Class, a Lecture, and an electronic copy of a writing book.

The value of the four classes and the book will be $355. The bundle will sell regularly for $300, but for the first week the bundle of three classes and a book is up, it will be half price. But just for one week.

Each week the Recommended Classes in the bundle will all be subject focused.

The first week #1 starting Monday, May 9th, will be Writing Production Focused.

In the #1 Recommended Classes of the Week  bundle will be Classic Productivity Class, Writer’s Block Lecture, Freedom of Indie Publishing Pop-Up and the book by Kris on Time Management. 

Again, for the 1st week of each bundle, it will be half price at $150. (Normally priced at $300 for a $355 value.) After the first week it will still be available, only at $300 (still a deal.)

We will do a new one of these every week and some will have Pop-Ups or lectures that will be brand new some weeks.  These will be focused study, designed to have you go through all three writing classes and read the book as a learning unit.

(Sorry, no discounts for already taking a class in the bundle.)

But more than anything, these are to help writers get through the time of great forgetting and help with inflation busting as well.

So watch for that on Monday next week. This new Recommended Classes bundle and the Motivational Monday lectures will be new every Monday to help start the week off right.


We intended to call this CHEEPIES RECOMMENDED CLASSES OF THE WEEK, since Cheeps, our cat, does so much work in promotion central, But we shortened the name and now are just using his picture at the top of every class.



  • Anne Lown

    I’ve been watching out for the recommended classes of the week bundle but have yet to see anything on your teachable website. Am I looking I the wrong place?

    • dwsmith

      Nope, not there yet. Got busy with the half-price sale. It will be up by Monday and then after that every week.