Writers of the Future was once again amazing.

Jody Lynn Nye was announced as the new corordinating judge of the contest and I was announced as the new editor of Writers of the Future.

Yes, you heard that right, I am the new editor and considering I was the first person to ever walk across the stage 38 years ago, I am stunned and honored. I will still be a judge as well. Jody and the rest of the judges (including me) will find the great stories out of all those sent in. Then it will be my job to put the volume together and work with the writers.

So fantastic fun. And every writer who is eligible should be working to get into this book. Just the free week in Hollywood and the incredible workshop, not counting everything else you get, is worth it, It will be the best sale you ever will make.

So headed home, but looking forward to the coming year as the new editor of Writers of the Future.

Told you I had news. (Grin).

(And the entire ceremony was streamed, so if interested, you could watch it.}