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Lots of New Videos

In A Bunch of Classes…

Just in the last few days, I have made videos live in the following classes…

— The new Romance Regular workshop. (Week #2)

The Decade Ahead (first quarter)

Novel Challenge (talking about something that happened to me in the novel I am writing at the moment)

Publishing Challenge (video reporting in that my first book in the challenge is published)

Shared World class (talking about owned shared worlds)

Licensing Transition class (talking about corporate structures)

I have decided, on the request of a couple of writers who want to jump in soon, to leave the Shared World Class and the Licensing Transition class open for more sign-ups for the rest of the month. So final last call on those.

Right now the Licensing Transition (which goes for another six months) already has 63 videos in it. The Shared World (which will also go for another six months) has 26 videos so far.

And for those in the Publishing Challenge and the Novel Challenge, I am trying to add in things that are going on with me that might help.

The Decade Ahead class, which is a year long and just starting up, is already talking about the first bump to getting started. And how to get through it and restart.

So you can still jump into the challenges or get into The Decade Ahead class, the Licensing Transition Class, or the Shared World class. Just go to Teachable and sign up. I’m having fun with all of them.

Sure is lots of fun stuff going on right now here at the first of the year.


  • Philip

    Dean, I’m strongly thinking of taking the Short Story Workshop in March. Are the assignments to write an entire short story each week or just fragments? My 2020 resolution is to ramp up my short story production. Thanks.

    • Cora

      Philip, that workshop helped me in more ways than I can tell you. The straightforward technical skills are great, but additionally it helped me tremendously with my production and dealing with my inner critic that spent a lot of time getting in my way. Excellent on so many levels.

      • dwsmith

        Thanks, Cora. I like it, but very few take it. But Kris and I both want to keep it on the regular schedule because we feel it has value as well.