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Lifetime Workshops

And Other Nifty Things Such as Mentoring…

I wanted to do a post here to let everyone know what was possible in the mass of workshops and lectures we have on Teachable.

Lifetime Workshop Subscription…

As more and more workshops and classic workshops and special workshops came on board over the last few years, we offered this. It has enormous advantages since you can do workshops at your own pace, are automatically signed up for new workshops, and can go through workshops that have been retired, yet still have value.

This has over $17,000 in workshop value and the price is $3,000.

Lifetime Lecture Subscription

This is a subscription to all the lectures we offer, including the bundles of myth lectures (2 done, 2 to go) and the two years of Hint of the Week tips. Also the Advanced Business Lectures. At the moment the value is just at $3,000 and you can get that for $1,000.

Study Along Lifetime Subscription

Every craft workshop we do here in Las Vegas will have a study along component that you can sign up for. The big workshops here like the Anthology or Master Business class are not included, but all craft workshops taught by Kris are. About three per year.

Plus the Lifetime Subscription is the only way to get the older workshops that have come and gone. In a couple of days when I add the three 2021 Study Along workshops to the subscription, the value will be $2,700 and you can get it for $1,200.

Las Vegas Lifetime Workshops Subscription

We do not list this on teachable because the Las Vegas workshops are invite only. But once you have attended one here or been invited, you can get this subscription. Cost is $3,000, which is a good deal considering the fee to attend a workshop here is $750. So if you are planning on coming regularly to Las Vegas workshops over the years, this is a fantastic deal.

On this one, you need to write me directly. On the first three, you can just sign up on Teachable.

Mentoring with Me

One more thing in this crazy list of larger things we offer that I keep forgetting to mention. I still have two mentoring spots open for 2020.

I am still working with all but one of the writers who I was working with in 2019. And I have really enjoyed it, being a cheerleader, reading stuff, looking at covers, and so on. So I can do two more.

I do not try to make you into a writer in my image. I try to help you be the writer you want to be.

So if interested in having me be around answering questions, checking in, and cheerleading you through the next year or more, write me. The cost is $3,000.


  • Phillip McCollum


    Thought I’d mention for those that don’t realize, the Las Vegas Lifetime Workshops Subscription also includes the Study-Alongs. So if you’re like me and can’t attend as many Vegas workshops as you’d like, you can still get a ton of value out of the lifetime subscription.

  • Amy Laurens

    Highly recommend the Study-Alongs, for anyone considering them. I just finished my first one last week, and I learned SO much – not just about the content, not just from the reading list, but also about my own ability to write to deadline. A really, really practical way to experience Dean’s advice in practice. A++ recommend.