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Lifetime Workshop Subscription

Just Added Writing Westerns Into It…

And I happened to notice that the total value of all the workshops in there was well over $16,000. Wow, shows what happens when you just sort of keep going year after year after year.

This year we have put in four Futures Workshops, an Emotion workshop, Writing Time Travel workshop and Writing Westerns starting in July.

It does not include the Pop-Ups, the lectures, Study Alongs, or odd things like the Licensing. But still, $16,000 plus of workshops for $3,000. And who knows how many more workshops we will keep adding over the years. Many more, from the looks of it. Seven in the last seven months alone.

And there are a lot of workshops in the subscription that are no longer available, so the only way to get to them is through the subscription.

And if you have taken some workshops already, the lifetime subscription is discounted. Write me if interested in that.

So sorry to go off like this. I was just amazed at how much value was in all those workshops at $150 and $300 each when I added in Writing Westerns.

And the really fun thing about the lifetime subscription, you do the workshops at your own pace, including turning in assignments for the regular ones.

So enough of that. Just thought I would remind people that the lifetime subscription is still there. And maybe the best deal around.




  • Emilia

    I’m going to be able to start saving in August. It’s going to take a while, but this too good a deal to pass and doing workshops at your own pace sounds perfect since my energy levels sometimes take a hit due to stress and a chronic ilness.

    • Edward M. Grant

      Yeah, I need to get organized enough to upgrade once I have the cash to spare. I was thinking the other day while going through the Thrillers workshop about how many more I’d find useful and how cheap each worked out to be with a lifetime subscription.

      I hadn’t realized we could send in assignments at our own pace, as that would make it an even better deal

  • Maree

    This as the prize for completing the short story challenge is massively motivating for me.

    Even if I think my story is terrible I’m finishing it and sending it in because I really want that lifetime subscription. I dunno if that’s what you intended Dean, but it’s what gets me finished

    • dwsmith

      Anything to help with the writing is a win. That’s cool! And remember, any writer is the worst judge of his or her own work.