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Rethinking the Writing Business

Kris’s Blog Is A Must Read…

At least for indie writers. (Traditionally book published writers don’t bother to read it because it won’t help you. You have already screwed yourself.) Indie writers, this first post in a series by Kris is amazing and very clear.

She talks about our adventure at the Licensing Expo, some of which I have also talked about in the Learn Along Licensing thing I did on Teachable. And she talks about the main conclusion we came to, and that is simply “We are doing this wrong.”

So head there and read it and comment if you want. Or come back here and comment if you want. Or don’t comment at all. But do read this series she is doing. You will be very glad you did.

Business Musings: Rethinking The Writing Business (Part One)


  • Denton Salle

    Interesting. With technical (scientific) books, excluding mass editions texts like the Morrison and Boyd of my day, this idea, the author as brand, is understood if not explained. Your writing doesn’t pay the bills: in a good year, it pays for the deer lease. But what it does do is drive business to you via job offers, consulting gigs. etc

  • Bonnie

    This was an absolute must read. I have listened to you and Kris talk about copyright for quite some time now and thought I understood it but when she talked about the difference between “story” as opposed to novel or book, that was an OH WOW! moment adding so many layers of depth to the idea of leasing pieces of copyright not to mention going beyond that into licensing.

  • Sean McLachlan

    Good stuff. You don’t need to encourage me to read Kris’s business posts. I read them every week!.
    Oh, I noticed Konrath’s Newbie’s Guide to Publishing is active again. Another great online resource.

      • Joseph Bradshaw/Bradshire

        He’s back doing all kinds of stuff. First half of book free, .99 for the 2nd half of his new genre switcher book (switches genres part way through). Has new punctuation for internal dialog.

        He’s up to all kinds of indie experiments right now.