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Lifetime Subscribers Special Bonus

Lifetime Subscribers Should Have Gotten a Letter from Me…

If you did not, chances are that means you have your email on Teachable turned off and are not getting any notices.

Since we are not doing any full, site-wide half-price sales anymore, WMG Publishing thought it would be a nice gesture to offer those of you with Lifetime Subscriptions to any of our series a special Flash Sale. This is just for the lifetime subscribers. Sorry. And a one-time thing only good until Sunday night.

So if you are a lifetime subscriber and are interested and didn’t get a letter from me, write me directly or message me here and I will send you the code to get courses at half price.

And speaking of Lifetime Subscriptions, there is a place to get them half price on the new Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter.

If you do pick up a lifetime subscription there, email me directly and I’ll get you the code until Sunday.

ROMANCE SPIES In-Person Workshop.

I also wrote all of you who are coming here to Vegas in two weeks with instructions and the first short story assignment.

And for those of you taking the Study Along for the Romance Spies workshop, the first story assignment is up on Teachable.

Now I am off to finish a new Cold Poker Gang story. Night.