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Fun Day!!

All July Workshops Are Up and Available…

That includes the two new workshops, Heinlein’s Rules and Media Kit. Full list is below, but all are now available.

And this time of great forgetting is so bad this year, half of the classes have no one in them, which is going to make my month very easy if some don’t sign up soon. As it is, many of the classes except the two new ones are like getting private lessons from me.

Remember, this is the last month for Power Words and Making a Living with Novels before they mosey off to the Classic Workshops fields and I will not respond to assignments.

And today was a fantastic start on the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter campaign.

Funded within two hours and are close to the first stretch goal in under a day. Just fantastic.

And wow do we have two great workshops in this one this time around.

FINDING YOUR OWN VOICE is one and the other one is MAKING THINGS WORSE… Both are writing craft workshops and both will only be offered, ever, through the Kickstarter. Both are three weeks long and you will write a story in the last week for me at Pulphouse. Or at least that is how I will read them. Writing for the workshop is not a submission to Pulphouse. I delete all stories the moment I finish reading them. But if I think it would fit Pulphouse, I will tell you and then if you want you can send it back as a submission.

And no, Pulphouse is not open for submissions. But this is one way in while learning at the same time.

And we have Pop-Up classes in the stretch goals and some great books of Pulphouse stories I will edit this winter.

Check it all out. We even in the campaign have Lifetime Workshop and Pop-Up subscriptions for half price.

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2022 Kickstarter Campaign.


  • Kayla

    Are there any free workshops coming soon? If not, what are good ways for a beginner writer to learn craft?

    • dwsmith

      Nothing free out there that I know of.

      Best way to start to learn craft is our Depth in Writing class, but not free by any means. The only free thing we have is to help writers learn the basics of doing a fiction Kickstarter.

      Wait, I think Writers of the Future does a free class online taught by Orson Scott Card. And, of course, if you get a story into the book you get flown to Hollywood for a five day free workshop and big event. Those would be worth it.

    • dwsmith

      Kayla, another comment. Best way to learn craft for free is to type in other major writer’s openings, and then write a lot of your own work and get it out to readers. Say at least a short story per week. And by writing books by Big Name Writers. Read, read, and write. That is how it is and always has been done.

    • dwsmith


      One more point on your asking about free. Imagine you wanted to be a lawyer and you asked, “How can I become a lawyer for free? Without paying for the seven years of college?

      The very question shows how little you respect fiction writing. Just pointing that out. In fiction writing, not only do you pay a monetary price over the years, but you pay a large price in time spent and learning business and learning how to deal with massive amounts of rejection. Just saying. There is always a price in one way or another.

  • Kayla

    I am sorry, sir. I did not mean to be rude or disrespectful toward fiction. I understand where I went wrong by asking that. I don’t know how to explain myself without coming across as more foolish, but it was because I am taking your advice on cycling through drafts and thought that since I can’t afford your classes online yet, then maybe I could find other ways to work around that until I could. Like maybe looking for books or things to help in the library or somewhere online.
    I should have known though that nothing is life is free. That was my mistake in asking, sir. I apologize.

    • dwsmith

      Kayla, Nothing to apologize for. Wanting to learn when the money is tight is something I know well. Real well. Seven in a hotel room to save money for a conference and eating in the con-suite snack table because I couldn’t even afford one meal a day. Yup, remember well.

      Read other writers and type in their openings. Write as much as you can, and find how-to-write books. In the current Kickstarter, we have put in 17 writing books in a five-book bundle. That’s a ton of books on writing. Also you can find those bundles on as well, get them one at a time.

      Good luck and keep it fun.