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Lifetime Sale and New Class

All Lifetime Subscriptions Half Off…

Just through the end of January.  Only lifetime subscriptions. Not any of the bundles or anything else. Just the five lifetime subscriptions, because I got a few questions about them.

Use the code:  LIFETIMESALE

At half price, they are very good deals, especially the Lifetime Everything. And if you have another lifetime subscription, I can take a little more off that Everything price. Write me for details.

Fun New Class…

This year marks 50 years since I sold my first two short stories (and started selling a lot of poetry as well.) Over those 50 years, I was stunningly lucky to have some amazing mentors (who also became friends.) Jack Williamson, Damon Knight, Kate Wilhelm, Algis Budrys, Harlan Ellison, Frederick Pohl, Julius Schwartz, and others.

As I said, stunningly lucky.

So I figured that since I am still around after 50 years of selling fiction, they all told me a lot of great stuff, so I am going to do a nine-week class talking about and telling stories about all my mentors and what I learned from each of them. It is called A FIFTY YEAR PERSPECTIVE OF LEARNING.

Price is $250 for the nine weeks starting February 6th, again no assignments. Just lots of learning and great information. It is on Teachable.

(Lifetime Everything subscribers, it is in your subscription.)


I do officially have writers who have signed up with me over the years and report in to me either weekly or whenever they want, tell me what is happening with their writing and publishing and also ask questions and advice on their publishing. Some of these writers have been with me for years now. Others have moved on or are having issues writing or sadly no longer with us.

(This has nothing to do with the Directed Study. That is just me and Kris suggesting to a writer what to study to attain a certain goal. Directed Study is if you don’t know how to get to the next step in craft or business and want to know what to study and read. Write me for how to sign up for that.)

I have two spots open in my mentor program. It is not cheap, but if interested in checking in with me weekly or monthly into the future (no time limit) and having me here to ask advice on all things publishing, write me. I do not read and critique stories. I believe a writer must be an artist and stand behind their own work. But everything else is fair game.

Again, two spots open. Write me if interested.


  • Emilia

    The Fifty Years of Perspective of Learning sounds wonderful. I always enjoy when you talk about mentors (and history of writing and publishing). I got Writing to the Point by Algis Budrys because you and Kris mentioned him in videos.