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Introduction to A Class About Learning…


As I said last night, this year marks 50 years since I sold my first two short stories (and started selling a lot of poetry as well.) Over those 50 years, I was stunningly lucky to have some amazing mentors (who also became friends.) Jack Williamson, Damon Knight, Kate Wilhelm, Algis Budrys, Harlan Ellison, Frederick Pohl, Julius Schwartz, and others.

As I said, stunningly lucky.

So I figured that since I am still around after 50 years of selling fiction and they all told me a lot of great stuff, I am going to do a nine-week class talking about and telling stories about all my mentors and what I learned from each of them.

Price is $250 for the nine weeks starting February 6th, again no assignments. Just lots of learning and great information. It is on Teachable.

Now, I know the common thinking here in 2024 is face forward, nothing we can learn about writing and publishing from the past. Sadly, that is so, so wrong. Just because the delivery system of our stories is not the same as it was in the Pulps or in the Mass Market Paperback eras does not mean that writing advice, business advice, and publishing advice is still not valuable going forward. In fact, maybe in some instances more valuable.

So all the way through this class I will talk about the greats that I was lucky enough to know and learn from, and then talk about the learning I got from each of them and how it now applies here in 2024 and forward.

I sure hope that some of you who are hungry for learning will join me in the adventure.

Here is the introduction to the class… Sign up on Teachable.