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Another Fun Day

I Hope My Two Lectures and One Panel Went Well…

I just got going and was my normal blunt self. Huge numbers of people in the two lectures, which was surprising to me, but they must have known that would happen since they put me in that big room.

And fun being on the Kickstarter panel.

Then I headed home in the late afternoon and an hour later walked down to the Arts District and met Kevin Anderson and the entire crew from D2D for pizza and a pub crawl. Fantastic fun, and Kevin and I got telling stories over beers about some of the old-timers in the field of writing and publishing that were in the business when we came in. Again, I was my normal blunt self and had a wonderful time. Wow, what a great bunch of people working at D2D. Just amazing.

So going back to the conference early in the morning, so short blog to hit the streak tonight.


  • Philip

    I’m a big fan of Kevin Tumlinson. Similar to you and Kris, he helps indies with a tell it like it is mentality rather than a snake oil salesman.

    I love D2D. Many writers don’t realize they have FREE ebook and paperback formatting tools even if you don’t publish through them. I’m planning to launch my new series 100% through D2D. Great customer service, also.

  • T Thorn Coyle

    Well, now I’m kicking myself for not attending. There was a lot more on offer this year for non-KU folks, it seems. I’m glad to be watching it virtually!

    Your long haul talk was really good, Dean. The Kickstarter panel needed to be twice as long, unfortunately. I encourage interested folks to watch the KS Basics talk that Russell and Oriana did. They covered a lot.

  • Kate Currivan

    Saw both your talks virtually, and thank you so much. You finally put something into context for me that has led to me having a really crap year business wise. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. Next year, I’m ignoring all the “you should write…” comments and I intend to have fun with writing again. Thank you.