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Last Kickstarter Workshops Housekeeping Post…

All Regular Rewards Are Out…

Yesterday I sent out all the codes and information for the Special Workshops and regular workshops that were sold in the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter.

And last week a new issue of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine went out to all old and new subscribers.

All paper books are sent out and drifting in the mail, so they will be arriving as the mail allows.

Tomorrow, all supporters will get the codes to the five Pop-Up writing classes that were in the stretch rewards. So watch for those tomorrow.

And then finally, by the end of September, all six of the Pulphouse collections that were stretch rewards will be sent out. And that will end it.

So if you bought a special writing workshop and didn’t get a letter from me, write me directly.

And then watch on Tuesday afternoon for a letter with the five Pop-Up classes. Check your spam filter if you did not get the letter by Wednesday . If you were a supporter of the campaign and didn’t get the letter with all the Pop-Up class codes, just write Josh.

And once again, thanks for the support of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.




  • Julie

    Thanks again for offering such brilliant rewards for writers with this Kickstarter, Dean! Great to have all those courses to look forward to.

    I’ve used the collections classes to structure my writing year this year, and next year I’m thinking of using all the pop-ups I’ve racked up over several of your Kickstarters to give me a short-story assignment every two weeks, to structure my writing for next year. I find it helps to have an external goal!

  • Nathan Haines

    Ooh, got the pop-up classes! Listening to your cats settling an argument in other other room in the side hustle class now! Perfect timing here, since I’m looking at a potential side hustle situation this week actually. And “how to take something you hate and do better than they did” sounds like my spirit lecture.

    Looking forward to all of these!

    • Nathan Haines

      Oh. I guess I should mention the noise I was hearing was really just heavy winds outside the windows.

      And here I thought Kris must REALLY have her hands full in the other room… Sorry! ?

  • Frank Theodat

    Hi Dean,

    Many thanks to you and the WMG team for putting the Kickstarter together! I’ve been enjoying the Pop-Up classes so far.

    Wondering if you ever considered doing a “Twilight Zone Writers” Pop-Up? I love streaming the original episodes and have started buying the short story collections they are based on, along with some of the scripts. It would be fun to learn about the writers (Beaumont, Bradbury, Matheson, etc.), and the influence the show had on science fiction and fantasy. Could be fun for a future pop-up.

    Just a random thought I had on a rainy afternoon in MA.

    • dwsmith

      That would be fun. Thanks, Frank. Appreciated.

      And I wrote for Carol for a few of those books as well and sold stories to TZ and Night Cry, and Pulphouse Magazine has a lot of Twilight Zone like stories in it.

      So good idea.