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Kickstarter Awards Starting Out

Please Give Us A Little Time, But…

Some awards have already been going out. For example, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #13 published last week and went out.

And today and tonight I wrote everyone who signed up for one or both of the special workshops. If you did not get a letter from me, please check your spam filter. And remember, we sent the letter to the email you put on your kickstarter unless you told us otherwise. So check that as well.

Then if you still can’t find the letter I sent you, write me.

If you did get the letter on the special workshops, make your choices and get into the workshops. Each time we do these special workshops a number of people just get the letter and then forget about signing up for the workshops. Don’t do that.

Also sent letters to everyone who bought multiple workshops or Pop-Ups. If you did, you should have also gotten a letter from me. Check your spam filter if you did not. No hurry on using those credits.

On Tuesday (and not before, so don’t ask what happened to them), the codes to get into the five Pop-Up classes that were stretch rewards will go out. They are all recorded and up for sale, but don’t buy any of them if you backed the Pulphouse Kickstarter. You will get codes to all five on Tuesday.

And other rewards have either gone out or will go out this week until we are down to only having left the books we are giving away as stretch rewards, and those will go out as we publish them over the next few months.

So heads-up if you supported the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscription campaign. Lots of stuff headed out.