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Last Day on Summer Learning Sale

Ends Sunday at 5 PM West Coast Time…

It has been an interesting three months or so, to say the least in a massive understated way. When this crazy shut down hit in March, Allyson and Kris pushed that we find a way to get workshops to writers to help them stay shut in for a time.  That was also when we decided to add in such great stretch goals and do the Writing Bundles of books for such a low price through Kickstarter.

When done correctly, writing and publishing can be an escape from the fears and craziness of real life. I know that well because I used reading as an escape from an extremely abusive household when I was a kid. And learning and studying writing and publishing can also help in the escape.

So the first sale called Spring Mourning helped some, but many, many writers missed it. We were all very distracted in March.

And the Writing Bundles did really well with over 300 writers getting some form of those or the stretch reward workshops and lectures.

Our second sale found a few more writers and we thought by the end of April, we would all be out of lock-up. Well, that was a silly thought and a lot of writers wrote me and asked for just one more sale, so we decided on just one more. Summer Learning and it will be over today (Sunday).

We are not going to do another sale even though we have a bunch of really great workshops lined up this summer and early fall. We hope these sales have helped. I know a few of you grabbed the Lifetime Subscription, which should really keep you busy for a few years. (grin)

We are done with workshop sales. Period. WMG Teachable is now back to normal going forward.

However, we do still have a few ways to help during this times when it is better to stay in and stay safe. And one such this is going on right now. It is the Write Stuff Bundle on curated by Kris. Nine books on writing and a $50 lecture all for $15.00.  Actually it is 12 books because one of the books is a bundle of four writing books on craft.

Four of the books are exclusive, including Kris’s new writing book Rethinking the Writing Business.

So the workshops sales are done for good in a few hours, but still great ways to get stuff at a reasonable price to keep learning.

Stay in and stay safe.


  • Graeme

    That last sale extension pushed me over from just doing the short story workshop to signing up for the short story Great Challenge as well, which seems like it would lead on pretty well from the workshop.

    I wouldn’t have been able to justify both without the summer learning offer, so thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to the rest of the workshop and getting going on the challenge in the next week or so.

    • dwsmith

      Just write me and tell me when you decide to start on the challenge. No hurry. But once you start, you are on the course, as they say. (grin). Remember to keep it fun.