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Just so it is clear. This sale will end on today (Thursday) in the evening West Coast time.  And that will be the last pandemic half-price sale.

Hard to believe this is almost over.

We started these last spring in a shut-down world as WMG’s way of trying to help writers stay in and stay safe and learning through the turmoil. We hoped after the first few we would end it, and every two months we did another because the pandemic was still strong. Now, for those who are able to get the vaccine, the pandemic fear is over and we are into recovery. The vaccine has turned into a major medical miracle.

So with every employee and every family member over 12 at WMG Publishing fully vaccinated, it is now time for WMG to start into recovery as well.

Like everyone we need to find a new normal. And catch up on a number of projects we let slide, including some of the major workshops.

And doing pandemic sales every two months is not a normal we want to reach. So this is the last day of the last pandemic sale where everything is half price.

Here in the States vaccines are available easily and completely free for anyone over 12. And right now every Covid patient in the hospital in Nevada is unvaccinated. So come on, folks. Do you and your family a huge favor and get the shot.

This is the last day of the last Covid half-price workshop sale.

15 full months of these. Wow.

Full details at…The Last Sale

Don’t miss this last day.