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I hope everyone got what they wanted from all the sales we did over this last year. We have some amazing stuff planned at WMG and here in the workshops for the summer and fall and into the winter. But right now I’m going to be working to get a bunch of stuff caught up and back on track. Licensing Transition, Cat Stories, and Decade Ahead as I mentioned earlier. Plus looks like later this fall the Shared Worlds class will go into its second phase, which will be a blast.

And I am still on track, surprisingly, to hit my publish seventy books in my seventieth year on the planet. That will be a stunner if I can pull that off.

This week I will be doing a bunch of book packing for the big move of condos. And will try to get a long distance at the same time into the Thunder Mountain novel I am writing at the moment. Plus get moved. Fun week.

But here, on this blog, I plan to talk writing a bunch. And publishing. So stay tuned.

But tonight I am hitting the bed early since some movers are showing up tomorrow at 8 am. Ughh…

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  • Daniel

    Hi Dean, thanks for the sale. I definitely got what I wanted. 1 pop up, 1 lecture, 1 classic workshop and a July workshop, so I’ll be “seeing” you next month for the advanced depth workshop. I appreciate all the effort you put towards those following their dreams. Hope you’re doing this for many years to come.