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Last Day of the Cattitude Bundle

On Story Bundle…

Ten great books of cat stories. This ends on Thursday, so this is the last full day.

I have a Pakhet Jones short novel in there called THE BIG TOM that is kind of fun and cool.  And I edited the title collection of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine stories called CATTITUDE. They are truly whacked out as you can imagine a Pulphouse cat story might be. An entire book of them.

Kris put this incredible bundle together and to be honest it sort of surprised me that there is only one day left. For $15 bucks you can get all ten books of cat stories. This is the type of bundle that is so good it should be available year around. But alas, it is not.

Even with all the powerhouse names in this, it just won’t stick around.

So make sure you grab it quickly. It really will just vanish.