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Doing a Half-Price Sale Again…


For all the details as to why we are doing this again, check yesterday’s post. But the short of it is that if you use the code SETBACK on any class or workshop, you will get it for half price. But remember, this is a short-term sale.

Considering how open and once again free we were all feeling here in the States about this pandemic in May, where we are now with the pandemic is a setback in any terms.

We are now all better off just staying in and letting this pass over us. Even those of us vaccinated.

So lots of classes to take while inside on WMG Teachable.

Just remember that after you hit Purchase, at the top of the next page put in the code SETBACK to get it half price.

So at the moment we have a lot of new stuff on Teachable and even more coming.

We have six new STUDY ALONG workshops. We have some really fun collection classes. We now have 39 Pop-Up classes and more coming. We have all the lifetime subscriptions as well.

And we have the second half coming of the Shared World Class and I still have nine issues of the Year of the Cat to talk about this winter. That would be a fun class to jump into.

Plus here are the workshops for September and October that are regular workshops, including the new one Power Words. I put a sample of some of the things that Power Words class is about in the description of the class. Might want to take a look at that example.

But remember, Depth in Writing is the class you want to take first before the Power Words class

Class #21… Sept 7th … Covers 101
Class #22… Sept 7th … (to be announced)
Class #23… Sept 7th … Publishing 101
Class #24… Sept 7th … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… Sept 7th … Writing Sales Copy
Class #26… Sept 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Sept 8th … Writing Short Stories
Class #28… Sept 8th … Killing Critical Voice
Class #29… Sept 8th … (to be announced)
Class #30… Sept 8th … Advanced Depth

Class #11… Oct 5th … Covers 101
Class #12… Oct 5th … (to be announced)
Class #13… Oct 5th … Publishing 101
Class #14… Oct 5th … Writing with Speed
Class #15… Oct 5th … Teams in Fiction
Class #16… Oct 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #17… Oct 6th … Kickstarter
Class #18… Oct 6th … (to be announced)
Class #19… Oct 6th … Power Words
Class #20… Oct 6th… Killing Critical Voice

All of those are normally $300, but are half price for this short-term sale.

Also you can buy three workshops, classic workshops, Pop-Ups or lectures. If you want to buy more than three to stock up, just write me.

Everything on Teachable at half price.

Just hit purchase and then at the top of the next page put in the code


And please, please, please stay safe and get you shots if you have not. Just no reason not to. For all of us and your family.


  • Julie

    Because my health is fragile, I’ve been shielding alone in my flat non-stop since the pandemic started. I’m having to continue to do so despite being double-vaccinated, because prevalence rates are so high here in the UK and the vaccine doesn’t offer total protection.

    One of the things that has stopped me from going nuts has been signing up to all the of the collections classes. That’s given me structure and purpose for the whole of 2021! I highly recommend them, and am very grateful that you and Kris are providing them, Dean.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Julie. And you are going to have a great inventory of short stories and collections when done, that’s for sure. Talk about taking a rough thing to have to do and turning it positive.

  • Jack Norton

    Thanks for doing this, Dean! Just signed up for two popups…excited to learn more!! 🙂 Is there a syllabus or class schedule for the Master Biz Class so we can know what’s coming? Just wanna make sure I plan my time throughout the year accordingly. Hope you and Kris are well. Stay healthy and safe!!

    • dwsmith

      There is a general one, but only Kris and I have it. (grin) I can tell you there is a Business Attitude class that will be posted soon that is part of it. Another one of the first day prep stuff for the course. Remember, you have all these on video as they all come out, so you have time. As it gets rolling there will be two weeks or so between classes. No need to work out ahead. And nothing we have done and that is up now will conflict or overlap much of what we are doing in that class.

    • dwsmith

      You only want to take them one at a time. And they take two months each, so to do all six it takes a year. And yes, they will extend out. But do only take one at a time. Too much writing otherwise and kills the fun.

  • Cheryl

    Well, this was unexpected. Now I have a quandry before me . . . so . many . choices . . .

    PS – Thanks, always, Dean, for the reminder about Critical Voice. Don’t always recognize it when I see it. But I’m starting to learn its silhouette . . .