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Last Day of Half-Price Workshop Sale!!

Ends Tuesday Evening…

The half-price workshop sale is almost done and no telling if we will ever do another. If the governors of the States can get this mess under control, people wear their face masks and stay six feet apart, this pandemic in the States might drop back under control.

The only reason we have done these sales during this pandemic time is to help writers stay focused on learning and writing and stay home when possible. Focusing on writing and reading is a great distraction. And I sure hope this Summer Sale helped a few of you. We are sure bummed we had to do another one.

So the sale ends late tomorrow (Tuesday). If you want to get a workshop or lecture or Pop-Up or Class at half price, just use the code:


Any questions on anything, just write me.

And keep having fun with the writing and the learning. Stay safe,

Workshop sale on Teachable.



  • emmiD

    These half-price sales are true bonuses for writers. Along with the a Kickstarter deals offering courses and craft books as rewards, every writer should take advantage of these.

    With a handful of these courses behind me, I realize how much is still to learn.

    I just finished the Publishing 101 course. I published my first book in 2015. I needed this course then—maybe I wouldn’t have made so many newbie mistakes (#1–having different pen names for different genres). And I still needed the Pub101 course this year; I took lots of notes and will be winding everything into my SOP … which means I’m looking ahead to Publishing 201. Count me as one who will take it.

    Dean and Kris: Thanks for these courses. Thanks for looking out for writers. And thanks for giving enjoyment with your fiction and nonfiction.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, emmiD. Appreciate the kind words. Just trying to help out in little ways. About all anyone can do these days.

  • Jamie

    Having spent a few hours with a diary, calendar and running some numbers, I took the plunge and decided to sign up for the Challenges.

    Is it OK if I make the official start date at the beginning of August? That’ll give me some time to get all my ducks in a row before embarking on what seems like more a daunting decision every minute.

    Keep countering it with knowing how good it’ll feel in 14 months’ time when it’s all done and dusted and I have a shelf full of my own books!

    • dwsmith

      You can set your start date at any point. Key with the challenges is to keep them fun, and remember, even if something slips and you miss, you still get the workshop credit. So a win/win. Enjoy the process and get learning or as you said, a shelf of your own books that will earn for you for decades and decades.