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Brandon Sanderson Kickstarter

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This is huge and great news for all of us writers because finally the fiction section of Kickstarter will start getting some attention. Loren Coleman and I have been trying to get fiction writers to put up Kickstarter campaigns. And put them in the fiction section. Why? To get readers and buyers used to looking in Kickstarter for new books and authors, just as gamers go first to Kickstarter for new games.

But just like with the gaming side, it needed a huge name to come in and blow the number out of the water so that the entire category will get more attention.

Here comes Brandon Sanderson just this morning doing a campaign called The Way of Kings 10th Anniversary.

He decided to do a beautiful two-book set of leather editions to celebrate his 10 year anniversary of the series being out.

And he did it right, following almost exactly what Loren wrote on the free Teachable Kickstarter Best Practices Class as to what is best practices for fiction writers on Kickstarter.

In one day, Brandon’s campaign hit over 4 MILLION.

Yes, I typed that correctly. And he has 30 days to go.

(I really want to see what kind of ripple this is doing in his publishing house, since he retained the rights to do this for that book. (grin))

Right now we have almost 400 writers who have signed up for free on the Kickstarter Best Practices class, and yet only four or five have done campaigns. I have done three this year, actually. Loren did a 2.5 million dollar gaming campaign earlier this year.

So go take a look at what Brandon did. Amazing and shows what is possible on the top end.

And then study what others have done and are doing on the Teachable Kickstarter Best Practices. Small hundred dollar Kickstarters in the fiction category will now be helped.

I will write more about this in the coming days and do some videos on the Teachable class.

But folks, this is huge!! Thank you, Brandon, for helping us all, and for doing it right.

Now writers have to find the course to do campaigns and stop leaving money and sales and readership on the table.



  • Mark Kuhn

    This is absolutely amazing! 4 million bucks?!?
    Does this translate as a blow to traditional publishing as well?

    • dwsmith

      Oh, heavens, yes, the writers smart enough to figure it out like Brandon. And the writers with the clout to get a better contract or walk away.

      This is licensing, folks, and contracts, at its core. Brandon clearly kept out of his contract the ability to do a limited hardback. That is a license. Can you imagine any writer saying to a New York publishing company, “I want an extra four million for the hardback limited edition rights.” Yeah, that will fly.

      Learn licensing. Notice all the other stuff he has in there as well? Cool stuff licensed off his series because he held the license to do so.

  • topaz

    Thank you for sharing this Kickstarter. It’s amazing.

    On his homepage is a blog post called “State of Sanderson 2019”. In this blog post is a huge survery on leather bound books and swag. Seems like he asked his fans what they wanted to see and designed the Kickstarter accordingly.
    That’s a cool move, in my opinion.