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Organizing Classes, Study Alongs, and Subscriptions

What Are They All?

We are doing a half-price sale right now of everything on WMG Publishing’s Teachable classes and workshops for writers. Just hit purchase and then put in the code:


You will get anything you pick, or as many classes, workshops, lectures, or subscriptions as you want, at half price. This will end late on Tuesday.

The last four nights I have been taking this opportunity to finally update and put together a complete curriculum of everything on WMG Publishing’s Teachable School. You can find everything I have done in the last four posts or under the Workshop Curriculum tab on the right. Actually updated.

And Kris suggested today that I put this in some videos on Teachable as well, so expect that by the end of the month.

So now, to organize this, I’m going to stay with the same structure as the last few nights, breaking everything down into Craft and Business. Classes are different from workshops and lectures and Pop-Ups. I talked about all of those the last four nights.


— Shared World class.  This started a year ago and will continue for some time to come. There are a ton of lectures already there and more to come. The idea is to learn about shared worlds, including (coming up) how to write them, then use a novel and setting called Cave Creek as a shared world to write stories in the world for paid anthologies. All focused on craft and writing with just a touch of business toward the end. The world shifting delayed this some, but it will be getting back on track in August and stories will be needed this fall. Still open for sign-ups.

— The Year of the Cat Study Course. This has just started and folks are reading the first and second of twelve anthologies. Starting in later July I will be doing a video on each story in each volume of The Year of the Cat, talking about the story, why it works, why Kris and I picked it. All positive learning on craft and storytelling. Each person gets a free copy of all twelve books and a month to read each book before I start talking on video. Still time to sign up.

— The Great Challenge… A short story per week. You turn them into me before the deadline each week. If you miss, you get $600 worth of workshops, if you make it all 52 weeks, you get your choice of Lifetime Subscriptions. I am a deadline and I will eventually read everything, but I am behind and slow. You write for yourself, not me. You sign up and then tell me when you want to start. No hurry. There is a prompt every week to help, but you don’t have to use them.

— The Novel Challenge… A novel completed every two months. Over 30,000 words. You must send me the electronic version of the manuscript before your two month deadline, then in the next month or two produce a paperback to send to me. I will not read the electronic version, but I might read the paper version if it strikes me. Again, if you miss, you get $600 in workshop credit. If you make it and when I have all six books in paper, you get a lifetime subscription choice.

— The Study Along Classes. There are a number of them and they are four days long and held when we hold a craft workshop here in Las Vegas. Even though we have pushed back the September one this year, we are still doing a Study Along. They are intense with an intense focus on craft and writing. See the descriptions on each one and each cover a different craft area. There is also a reading list ahead that takes months to read. Also, if you buy the lifetime subscription to the Study Along, you get all the ones we have already done.


— Kickstarter Best Practices... This is a free class and Loren Coleman and I wanted a place where fiction writers could go to learn about doing Fiction Kickstarters and watch others do them.

— Licensing Transition… This started a year ago to focus on learning Licensing for a year, then get through the Licensing Expo in May, and with luck all learn from it. But since the Licensing Expo has been postponed until 2021 May, this class will continue, at times having videos about something Kris or I just learned. It will really ramp up next spring again, but right now there are a lot of videos already there and it is still open to sign up for. I don’t see ending this class until July 2021.

— The Great Publishing Challenge… Very simple. Publishing one novel, or novella, or collection, or omnibus a month for 12 months. You just have to send me the link to the book before your deadline each month. Great fun, very few people trying it.

— The Decade Ahead Classes.  All focused on how to get solidly through a year and build for ten years out and making a living. This class always was messed up by the pandemic so we are doing some videos to help during the crisis now, but will continue each quarter again in 2021. So these won’t really be done until December 2021. My suggestion is buy the bundle of all four quarters. Been a wild year already and these should help you get through next year now as well as we all continue.


— You can get a Lifetime Subscription to the Workshops, Lectures, or Study Alongs. Everything new always gets added and it also allows access to older workshops and classes and study along classes.

Again, for two more days everything on WMG Publishing Teachable is half price. Just use the code:




  • Lori Sutton

    Thanks so much for putting all this work into helping us decide where we need to go with class order. I don’t know when exactly I’ll be able to take the next ones, so I loaded up on the bundles! Got the workshops, classics, and the lectures so that will do me for probably the next six months to a year. I look forward to signing up likely in the fall, but first to finish the ones I bought during the last sale.

  • Maree

    I’m so glad you organised all these workshops and such into a recommended order, it’s overwhelming otherwise. I know a friend I sent here to because of the sale had trouble finding the workshop she wanted!

    Please can you put some sort of permanent link in the top or sidebar to the posts? I know I’m going to be wanting to look them up, and I’m sure lots of other people will too.