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Last Day for Horror Workshop

Less Than 24 Hours Before You Miss the Chance…

Kris and I are excited to be doing this special How to Write Horror (or Obsession or Dark Fantasy) Story workshop. 

But the only place you can sign up for this special three week workshop is through a Kickstarter campaign that is about to end.

It is an Kickstarter campaign called Feed the Obsession by Mark Leslie that has just 24 hours left and is doing great. It hit it’s first stretch goal where everyone gets yet another major collection of stories. Kris and I both have stories in the book, as well as a lot of other professional writers. It is going to be an amazing book.

So Kris and I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to do a special workshop to help the campaign out. A workshop we have been looking for a reason to do.

It is a three-week workshop called How to Write an Obsession Story. (Or, in other words, a horror story.)

In all the workshops we have done on our Teachable site, we have never done one at all on dark fantasy or horror. And writing horror well is an art form that takes understanding of detail writing and reader reaction and other advanced skills. We figured this fantastic Kickstarter campaign would give us the chance to offer that class.

The key is you must get the workshop through the campaign. It will never be offered again anywhere else.

Let me repeat that.

This three-week workshop will never be offered again.

You only have 24 hours to sign up!!!

The How to Write an Obsession Story workshop will be three weeks long. Takes about 3 hours a week to watch the videos and do the assignment for each week.

The last assignment will be to write a short story and I will be reading them to not only give feedback, but to see if I can buy the story for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. (I don’t have that much great horror and dark fantasy in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine that fits and since Pulphouse is coming back at the first of the year with six issues a year instead of only four, I could use some.)

You have your choice of taking the workshop for three weeks either starting the 6th of October or the 10th of November. (And yes, you can do more than one workshop at a time if you are already signed up for another special workshop.)

So head to the Feed the Obsession Kickstarter Campaign and sign up at the $150 USD (201 Canadian) level for the workshop. And in the process you are going to get some great reading put together by a great editor, including a Bryant Street story from me that is dark, dark fantasy and disturbing. And that is a good thing.

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  • dwsmith

    Update: 18 hours to go on this one… At 10 am West Coast Time… Don’t miss this workshop. It is not something Kris or I have done before so it should be fun.