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I Gave It A Month

Total Failure…

I am no longer trying to get up at 7 am to exercise and start my day early. About a month or so ago I said I would try it for the exercise aspects and because it was too hot here at any other time. I tried it, and some mornings it was actually in the low 90s, still too hot for me, but I got some milage those days.

I ended up seldom getting more than five hours sleep, had to take naps all the time, ate too much, and was a ton less efficient than I am at night.

So now, even though we are still having record heat and a ton of smoke from the fires, I am just going to force the exercise during the day and early evenings. I am scared of the gyms at my age, so going to get the milage as I can in the evenings or inside our condo complex until the heat breaks.

I have a pretty major exercise goal for the middle of November, so seven weeks to stay focused, lose weight, and build milage. There was no focus with my schedule getting up at 7 am.

I am just a night person. I’ve got to come to accept that.

Live and learn. I tell other people to not be stuck and afraid to try something new.

So I tried this. One month. Nope. Didn’t work.

In a month I’ll let you know how this goes. (grin) At least now I should be able to get back to even more writing, which will feel great, I have to admit.

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  • Kate Pavelle

    Haha, I’ll need to forward this to Miranda, who feels out of sorts over being more effective at night. Some people just are that way, and as long as they get enough sunshine to stay happy, no harm done.